Ethio-Somali leader denies claims to break away from Ethiopia

The president of Ethio-Somali Regional State, Mustafa Mohamed Omer has distanced his administration from allegations of secession from Ethiopia.

In an interview with Ethiopian Broadcasting Cooperation (EBC), Omer said his region would closely work with the Federal government of Ethiopia.

The leader accused some elements in the former regime of Ethiopia that was dominated by Tigray of creating instability in the Somali region.

“My administration has never attempted such issues because we have been involving rebuilding the state which was destroyed by the former regimes. We know that they are still some individuals from that regime still involving the disintegration of this state but their days are numbered,” he told the broadcast.

Omer emphasized the need to unite people and regain the trust of the public to serve them.

Two days ago the region’s parliament removed immunity of twelve of its members.

Among those who lost immunity are ex-acting president and ex-speaker:  Ahmed Abdi lkacase, Suad Ahmed, Mohamed Rashid Isaq respectively.