To condemn the massacre " on the eve of the feast " .. a vigil for the children of Marib, Yemen‏

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اليمن العربي

Number of children staged a protest to condemn the crime committed by Houthis and Saleh forces of killing eight and injuring others of kids in Alzeraa neighborhood , Marib province.

The children appel the United Nations and the international organizations to stop Violence against children by the rebels and Saleh.

The kids raised in the protest, which was held in the same place of the missile bombardment, Photos of the victims of the rocket that targeted the neighborhood a few hours before Eid al-Fitr , killing eight and injuring 14 others.

Human rights source said that the civilians in Marib are exposed to rocket attacks by the rebels and the forces of Saleh.

The source confirmed that they has been monitoring over the past month putting civilians for 23 rocket attack by the al-Huthi and Saleh's forces and pointed out that the attacks were divided between ballistic missiles and Katyusha rockets , most recently Orga rocket.

He pointed out that all the attacks directly targeting civilians , noting that those in the eyes of the law are crimes against humanity.