Yemeni minister rules out the possibility of finding peace with the militias

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اليمن العربي

Maeen Abdulmalik، the prime minister of Yemen، emphasised on Monday the necessity of addressing the true causes of the crisis in his nation، which are the Iranian-backed Houthis militia takeover and the ensuing humanitarian catastrophe.

Abdulmalik disregarded the prospect of reaching a settlement with the militias.

In the European UN headquarters in Geneva، Switzerland، he made his comments during a speech prior to the start of the High-Level Segment of the 52nd session of the Human Rights Council.

He made it clear that the goal of his administration is to address the crisis' true causes، and that this can be accomplished by putting an end to the coup and reestablishing the rule of law، the rule of the state، and individual freedoms and rights.

He said preserving and protecting human rights is essential to his government’s commitment to a just and sustainable peace that ends the war and restores security and stability.

Abdulmalik touched on how the war imposed by the militias had stripped away rights that his country had achieved in over six decades.

The premier noted that the Houthis had replaced those rights with “terrorism، killing، suppression of freedoms، and attempts to impose a racist، sectarian regime alien to Yemeni society.”

He accused the Houthis of brainwashing Yemeni youth with extremist terrorist ideas and targeting the rights and freedoms guaranteed by law and order، especially for women.

Moreover، he said the militias had imposed restrictive conditions to deprive Yemeni women of their right to education and work.

“We are facing a militia that does not believe in peace and works to fuel violence and conflicts،” said Abdulmalik، adding that the Houthis have a long record of foiling all agreements that aim to alleviate the suffering of Yemenis.

The latest agreement thwarted by the Houthis was the UN-sponsored nationwide truce that expired after the militias refused to expand and renew it.

Abdulmalik remarked that the militias hadn’t even respected the truce.