Houthi Deputy Foreign Minister purchase a villa for $1.5 million

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Yemenis have condemned on social media the purchase of a $1.5 million mansion in Sanaa by Houthi Deputy Foreign Minister Hussein Ezi.

Video clips posted online showed one of the citizens mocking the poverty Yemenis experience in Houthi-held areas، while militia leaders boasted about buying real estate.

The Houthis are notorious for using government funds to fund the activities of their leaders. The Iran-backed group also monopolizes various parts of Yemen's economy، such as the oil industry and trade in pesticides and pharmaceuticals.

Houthi movement leader Abdul-Malik Houthi authorized the release of excerpts from a recent report by the Houthi Monitoring and Accountability Commission on corruption amid widespread dissatisfaction with the Houthi leadership's corrupt practices.

According to the report، the head of the Sanaa Customs Authority، Youssef Zabara، was dismissed.

Zabara was accused of embezzling around a billion Yemeni rials.

However، five days after the dismissal، Zabara mobilized more than 300 customs employees and held a large farewell party، which ended with honoring him for his tenure and thanking him for his efforts.

The move surprised employees and citizens alike. Many wondered how an official who was dismissed because of corruption can get celebrated.

Zabara’s case reveals a lot of truth about Houthi claims of confronting corruption.

The Houthis had dismissed the head of the Customs Authority and the head of the Tax Authority just to quell popular resentment and cover up corruption، not fight it.

Moreover، Houthis appointed Abduljabbar Al-Jarmozi، otherwise known as Abu Younes، as the new Tax Authority head.

Al-Jarmozi had served as the Houthi undersecretary for the Hodeidah governorate.

The newly appointed official is known for doubling taxes on goods and agricultural products.

Houthis assigning Al-Jarmozi could be a sign of the group heading towards hiking tax rates in areas of its control.