UN continuing its efforts to extend its-sponsored nationwide truce in Yemen

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اليمن العربي

United Nations envoy to Yemen Hans Grundberg is continuing his efforts to extend the UN-sponsored nationwide truce in the war-torn country that expires next week.

Yemeni sources said Grundberg met with the legitimate government in Aden on Tuesday to propose the extension for six months rather than two.

He added that he will work on two aspects of the truce: reopening main roads and economic issues.

Speaking on condition of anonymity، the sources told Asharq Al-Awsat that the government informed the envoy that it was not opposed to the extension، but it did not specify whether it should last six or two months.

It stressed، however، that it refuses to discuss any issue before the Iran-backed Houthi militias end their seven-year siege of Taiz and reopen routes to it.

The government supports the extension of the truce to ease the suffering of the people، the sources went on to say، but it will not move on to discuss other issues before roads are reopened.

Meanwhile، the United States’ envoy to Yemen، Tim Lenderking، was in Riyadh for talks with members of the Presidential Leadership Council.

He met with its Vice President Faraj Al-Bahsani to reiterate US support for the council، said the envoy in a tweet.

The Yemen government “has shown leadership on the truce. It's imperative the parties extend it and continue to support UN efforts،” he added.

Yemeni Foreign Minister Dr. Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak had met with Grundberg to brief him on the government’s implementation of its part of the truce.

He said that as of July 22، 20 flights between Sanaa and Amman، and two between Sanaa and Cairo were flown. Over 10،000 passengers were flown during these flights in spite of Houthi obstacles that sought to hinder the inaugural flight to Amman.

As of July 21، 26 ships carrying over 720،000 tons of oil derivatives were allowed to dock at Hodeidah port، he added، according to the Saba news agency.

The FM stressed that the government had committed to the truce from the moment it was declared in April.

It provided all conditions to ensure its success، in contrast to the Houthis، who have not respected their pledges and continue to spread baseless lies about the ceasefire، he added.

The militias، he revealed، commit nearly 50 violations of the true a day، including firing artillery، carrying out sniper attacks، reinforcing and amassing troops and launching drones.

The violations have left 81 people dead and 331 injured، he said.