SDRPY starts first phase of King Salman project in Yemen‏

The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY) has started the first phase of the King Salman Medical and Educational City project in Al-Mahra Governorate, Yemen, on an area of one million square meters.



SDRPY’s representative in Al-Mahra Governorate Mohammad Al Hadi said that the first phase of the project would include constructing a fully integrated hospital with a capacity of 110 beds supplied with all its medical equipment.



It would also include major operations rooms, heart operations rooms, intensive care units, hospitalization and maternity sections, a medical evacuation helipad, nursery rooms, and a fully equipped radiology department.



The city will be supplied with various specialized clinics such as internal medicine, dentistry, gynecology, and pediatrics.



These sections and facilities are designed to serve the needs of Al-Mahra and the neighboring governorates with regards to health sector projects.



During his visit to the project’s site, Al-Mahra Governor Mohammad Ali Yasser affirmed that the SDRPY has begun work on preparing the land for King Salman Medical and Educational City project, which is one of the largest educational projects in Yemen.



He added that the project is at a cost of SAR213 million, as the first phase includes constructing an educational hospital.



King Salman Medical and Educational City will also encompass colleges of medicine, engineering, and agriculture, various housing projects, administrative buildings and a mosque.



The city is one of the SDRPY projects and initiatives, which reached 198 projects and initiatives in various Yemeni governorates.



The project comes as part of the continuous support provided by Saudi Arabia to the Yemeni people in various sectors, to raise the efficiency of performance and the quality of services provided.



Notably, King Salman Medical and Educational City project is part of more than 53 development projects and initiatives implemented by the SDRPY in Al-Mahra Governorate, Yemen.



The projects are in seven main sectors: Health, energy, transportation, water, education, agriculture, and fisheries, in addition to building the capacities of government institutions.