UPDF dispatches another battle group to Somalia‏

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces leadership has flagged-off another battle group to Somalia.

The ‘Uganda Battle Group Twenty Six (UGBAG XXVI) at the Peace Support Operations Training Centre in Singo, Nakaseke District.

Gen David Muhoozi the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) said the group under the command of Col Toffa Magino will be deployed in Somalia with an intent of neutralizing Al-Shabaab threats and help restore peace and stability in the country.

He also urged them to ensure vigilance and maintain discipline during their mission to keep the Ugandan flag high.

He also rallied the soldiers to avoid negative propaganda and live up to their expectations since life in the mission area is not a picnic but a mission that demands hard work.

“Fighting Al-Shabaab is a manageable mission if soldiers work hard and stick to what they were trained. Stick to the rules of engagement,” Gen. Muhoozi said adding that fighting in Somalia is not a picnic. Dose and Al-Shabaab will finish you.”