Reformers to hold Qatar Global Security Stability‬ conference in London


Hundreds of world-renowned political figures, policy makers, academics, commentators and Qataris are to convene on the 14th of September in London to discuss democracy, human rights, press freedom and counter-terrorism in Qatar.

The Qatar, Global Security & Stability Conference takes place three months into the Qatar crisis in the Middle East, with Qatar facing a boycott by members of the Gulf Co-ordinating Council,reating considerable political and economic implications in the Arabian Gulf region, Middle East and the world.

The conference is the first of its kind and is being organised by the Qatari businessman and reformist, Mr Khalid Al-Hail, along with a number of exiled Qataris, who are seeking a resolution to the regional crisis and a more stable future for Qatar.

Daniel Kawczynski MP, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the UK House of Commons and expert of Gulf affairs commented ‘Given the severity of the allegations against Qatar, backed by members of the GCC, who are Britain’s key allies, it is imperative for British politicians and media to verify and work with our GCC partners to call on Qatar to make the reforms and change its policy to subside the tensions.

“I welcome the efforts of the organisers, and it is an opportunity to hear more about the crisis, given the huge Qatari investment in Britain. We need to be able to have confidence in the Qatari government. This is a unique initiative and a chance to hear from Qatari reformists such as Mr. Khalid Al-Hail’.”

Mr. Khalid Al-Hail, Official Spokesperson of the Qatari Opposition, said: “The world has to listen to us, as the government of Qatar persistently refuses to allow anyone to discuss its policies or activities in the region. There is escalating regional consensus and increasingly international concern of the Qatari government policies that pose a threat to international security and stability. If the world honestly wants to put an end to violence, terrorism and chaos, then it must end to Qatari policies that fund, nurture and instigate them.”

The organisers of the conference are also publishing a number of exclusive research papers into the situation within Qatar. These can be found at the conference webs