The Yemeni legitimacy thwart a Houthi attack , west of Taiz and restore new sites .‏

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اليمن العربي

The legitimate forces thwart , on Sunday, a Houthi attack in the west of Taiz province , south Sanaa 256 km and managed to restore new areas .

The sources told " Alyaman Alaraby " that fierce clashes occurred between the national army and the coup militias in the vicinity of Kholwa Tepe and Al-Sodaa Tepe , west of the city.

According to the sources , the army managed to foil the attack and incur the Houthi elements heavy losses .

The legitimacy also managed to restore the village of Al-Sharaf in the Silw and clearing sites in the Shaqab and location in the Al-Akrood and another in Al-Kadha .

Militias stepped up their abuses and used civilian facilities to bomb the civilian population of Taiz