Official: Emir of Qatar will not accept Trump's invitation .‏

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تميم وترامب
تميم وترامب

Reuters quoted a Qatari official , on Thursday , as saying " Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani will not accept an invitation from US President Donald Trump to attend talks in Washington to mediate in the Gulf dispute" .

The official , who prefer anonymity confirmed that " The Emir doesn't have plans to leave Qatar and the country under the siege of its neighbors. "

"Doha rejects any interference in its foreign policy at a time when the Gulf emirate's relations with Saudi Arabia and other countries are witnessing a major diplomatic crisis," Qatar's Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman said.

"We do not see the military solution as an option for the crisis," Abdul Rahman said, stressing that his country had not sent additional groups of soldiers to its border with Saudi Arabia, which the latter decided to close.

He said that Qatar was able to withstand indefinitely in the face of measures aimed at tightening the economic blockade on it, adding that his country was not ready to change its foreign policy to resolve a dispute with other Gulf Arab states and that it would never compromise.