44 dead from Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah in Yemen

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The War On The Rocks website published a report revealing the increased death toll of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah in Yemen, despite the media blackout imposed by Tehran and Hezbollah.

The report spoke about a failed attempt by a commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRG) in Yemen to infiltrate into the Saudi border in March, taking advantage of a sandstorm that covered the south-west of the kingdom and led to the closure of schools and government centers due to lack of vision so one of IRG and 52 from Houthis equipped with Katyusha launchers went from Saada province to Asir region, with the aim of carrying out a series of raids.

The attackers used the rockets to attack the border town Dhahran Aljanob before they went to control of the border post of Alab after controlling the command center which the group's engineers detonated . The Saudi response was swift as Saudi aircraft killed an officer in the Revolutionary Guards, 40 Houthis and wounding 12 in addition to destroying all vehicles and rocket launchers .

The writer says that "The slain IRGC commander, “Abu Ali,” was known for leading prior Houthi raids against Saudi Arabia and providing training and operational supervision for the Hussein Brigades, an elite Houthi ground unit in northern and central Yemen."

The web site specialized in covering war and conflict, refers to the role of the Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah and at the same time the increasing human losses on the Yemeni arena.

The Iranian adventure in Yemen can be understood by analyzing its strategy, rocket attacks, training programs, logistical support, supplies and naval operations in the past two years, the report says.

According to the researcher, the Iranian supply operations in Yemen are under pressure as the Arab coalition has continued to supply arms across the sea and has taken control of three ports and a archipelago of islands used by Iran to store and smuggle weapons to the Houthis.