60 from coup militias, including a brigadier general , killed in Taiz and Nihm‏

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More than 60 members of Al-Houthi and Saleh militias have been killed in clashes in the east of Taiz and Nihm east of Sanaa.

Al-Arabiya TV quoted medical and military sources as saying that the two fronts witnessed violent confrontations two days ago and among the dead there was a Brigadier General Salim Mohammed al-Nimrani, a brigadier general of the Republican Guard loyal to Saleh, who was killed at the People's Palace in Taiz, where the coup elements fled.

A spokesman of Taiz , Colonel Mansour al-Hassani, said that the troops arrived at the main building of the palace and is working to clear it from the pockets of the militias and mines planted in the palace and its surroundings.