Arab Coalition fighters in Yemen bomb militia vehicles east of Taiz , and violent explosions

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The Arab coalition fighters launched air strikes on military reinforcements belonging to the Houthi militia and ousted Saleh east of Taiz province.

A local source said coalition fighters had destroyed tanks and military vehicles belonging to militias believed to be reinforcements to support their front in eastern Taiz, which witnessed during the past few hours large victories of legitimate forces.

Add to this , loud explosions were heard as coalition fighters launched three air strikes targeting weapons and gatherings of al-Houthi militia, located in the Ja'sa and al-Salal Tepes.

Violent explosions were also reported by several Houthi artillery shells that landed in the al-Ashraf neighborhood and Almohafza neighborhood.

The coalition aircraft targeted with raids several positions of the concentration of militia in al-Salal Tepe and other sites of militia east of the city.