What did Qatar do to cover its outrageous statements against Arab countries

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Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani took some steps to cover the disgraceful statements which he said about some Arab and Gulf countries , particularly Saudi Arabia , Egypt, UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain .

Emir of Qatar is trying to hid his scandal after the Arab countries started taking punitive measures against him as Saudi Arabia decided to block al-Jazeera website and other Qatari newspapers which is the same thing done by the UAE.

Urgent meeting.

Emir of Qatar called to hold an urgent meeting Wednesday for the Emiri family in Doha today, senior state officials and officials to discuss the repercussions of Prince Tamim's statements during the graduation ceremony of the eighth batch of national service recruits in the field of North Camp.

The dismissal of a number of officials.

In another attempt to stop the repercussions of his scandal , al-Jazeera channel said that the Emir will investigate in the matter , at the same time some sources confirmed that Tamim will issue a decision within hours including the dismissal of a number of officials in the Qatari News Agency to show that they quoted the statements and distorted them of the right track, although these statements have been on the website of El-Ekhbaria channel for several hours, he did not object to publish them till the Arab countries and the sites of social media arose against his outrageous statements.

Mozah uses her Moroccan fortune-teller .

Sheikha Mozah, the mother of Emir Tamim, uses her private Moroccan fortune-teller, who is based in Doha, to search for a solution to the crisis that hit her son in an attempt to cover up the scandal of his remarks, which all Arab countries have raised against the Qatari prince, according to Twitter's users .

Contacts with Israeli Mossad

The sources revealed that officials in the palace had contacted the Israeli Mossad officials to help them face the current crisis in an attempt to prove that the statements published by the agency do not belong to Emir Tamim.