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General Aidarus al-Zoubaidi
General Aidarus al-Zoubaidi

Major General Aidarus al-Zoubaidi announced on Thursday the formation of the southern political council in the temporary capital of Aden, raising several questions about the functions of this council, which comes in a sensitive circumstance.

The council came after a massive demonstration in Aden two weeks ago, in which a statement authorizing Zoubaidi to declare a political council for the political powers in southern Yemen was issued .

A week after the announcement of the statement and the mandate Major General Zoubaidi issued a statement in which the composition of the political council are as follows:

Presidency of the Transitional Council
Zubaidi as president
Hani ben Brik Deputy
And membership of :
Ahmed Ben Brik
Lotfi Bashrif
Murad Al - Halimi
Nasser Al-Khubji
Ahmed Hamed Lameles
Salem Abdullah Al-Soctori
Fadl al-Jaadi
Sheikh Saleh bin Farid al - Awlaki
Ahmed Abdel Rabeeb Al-Naqieb
Abdul Hadi Ali Shaaf
Abdullah Al Afar
Adnan Al-Kaf
Ahmed Mohamed Bamalm
Ali Alshiba
Lotfi Shattara
Abdul Rahman Sheikh Abdul Rahman
Aqeel Al-Attas
Amin Saleh Mohammed
Ali Abdullah Al-Kathir
Nasser Al-Saadi
Salem Thabet Al Awlaki
Mona Bashraheel
Suheir Ali Ahmed
Niran Soqi

According to the statement of formation of the Political Council, the Board of Directors of the Southern Transitional Council has the following functions:

- Completion of procedures for the establishment of the Southern Transitional Council

- Management and representation of the South internally and externally

- The decision in any other tasks is issued by the President of the Council

-The South continues to cooperate with the Arab Coalition in confronting the Iranian extension in the region and the participation with the international community in the war against terrorism as an active element in this alliance.