What is the Iranian prison that called " The Zoo" ?‏

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There are a number of prisons and detention centers of varying importance to the Iranian regime, such as Eshratabad detention camps, Alrai (irrigation) detention centers, Shahriar detention centers, Kharizak detention camp, Arumeh, 160 Police, Ramin, Court 7, Revolutionary Court,Ministry of the Interior Secret Exile, Jawhar Dasht, State Tu, Qazal Hesar , Qazal Qalaa, Zandan Qasr, Qamar, Sulah, Nabut, and the detention of Seoul which is famous by Abu Ghraib Iran.

In this report Alyaman Alaraby will talk about prison seems closer to the movies and there is no such thing in Tehran or perhaps in the whole world is a prison called "Zoo".

3 Departments .

The zoo prison consists of 3 departments : the first for the warehouses , the second for the chemical laboratories and the third for the microbial laboratories. It also contains 3 basements and dahliz and has 3 entrances and exits through 3 different roads.

Chemical and microbial tests and cremation

Kidnapped people are detained in this prison and at the end of detention period ,all types of chemical and microbial tests are experimented on them , then they are killed and then burn their bodies in large incinerators in order to get rid of them.

A detention center of the Secret Intelligence Agency.

There is a prison of the secret intelligence agency of the the Iranian Revolutionary Guards . It is located in a secret location on Tehran's Wali Ezzar Street and is guarded by armed security groups of Iranian army and police forces.

Khamenei, the first supervisor of this prison .

Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Iranian revolution, was the first to oversee the prison, and his task was to arrest students of nationalist and sectarian orientation in Iran.