Looting citizens' lands by the Iranian authorities provokes people's anger and expands the protest

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With the continuous of looting citizens' lands in Tehran by mullahs , some citizens rallied in front of government offices to demand the return of the looted property.

On Sunday, more than 11 groups of people gathered in several Iranian cities to protest against the miserable living conditions and government looting.

In Tehran , hundreds of citizens gathered in front of the parliament of the Iranian regime, where dozens of women teachers in primary and pre-primary schools coming from the northern provinces to Tehran in a protest rally demanding their official employment in education .

Students and graduates of the engineering branches , who deprived their right in working, gathered in front of the Iranian parliament, while about 300 residents of Ilam organized a protest rally , protesting against looting their land by the Ministry of Energy and demanding returning them.

One of the protesters said " The Ministry of Energy took our lands 13 years ago for building a dam and reactor and although 13 years have passed, there is no news about the dam or the reactor."

Also, the workers of the Rural Telecom Company carried out protest vigils, which numbered more than 300 people from Lurstan, Mahal Bakhtiari, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad , in front of the Parliament of the regime demanding their official employment.