Yemen's Houthis looted 70% of Hodeidah land‏

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Houthi and Saleh militias have looted a lot of lands in Hodeidah province , according to local sources.

An informed judge said " Houthi militias seized about 70% from the state land in Hodeidah since its overran in October 2014."

He added, according to Yemen Monitor website," State institutions and ministries have filed applications to the courts of law to stop the developments on the land of government facilities and the seizure of the aggressors but the security authorities are unable to implement any matter if it not familiar with the problems of land on the territory of the government.

A document submitted to the head of the Court of Appeal in Hodeidah indicates that the Houthis were involved in the looting of land belonging to a government institution and despite repeated directives in the document, the Houthis continued to build with the complicity of a court in Bagel.

He pointed out that the institutions and the parties know the borders of the land of since it was assaulted , but not in their hands any trick or the possibility to restore them .

Stressing that although we have received dozens of complaints and access to the courts and listen to those who complain of the attack on its territory it was appear for us that there are attempts to groups attributed to the Ansar Allah (Houthi) trying to circumvent the documents .