Yemeni Minister of Interior inaugurates the center for joint operations in Aden

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اليمن العربي

Yemeni Minister of Interior and deputy prime minister, Hussein Mohammed Arab inaugurated on Monday the center for joint operations for leadership and governance in the temporary capital Aden.

The minister stressed on the importance of providing the leaders of armed and security forces with necessary support to enhance the administrative work which represents the basis for true leadership. This, according to the minister, will enable the officials and leaders in taking the right decisions.

Arab lauded the important achievement and positive efforts exerted to organize the working mechanism, leadership and defense system of all defense and security institutions. He called upon the leaders of all units to carry out necessary procedures and fill out suitable database for all members of the armed and security forces.

The minister also asked the military officials to cash the salaries of security and military personnel as well as devising a mechanism to pay salaries monthly.