KSRelief transports the third batch of injured Yemenis to Sudan‏

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A third batch of injured Yemenis from Taiz governorate was transported to Sudan for treatment at the expense of King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid (KSRelief)

According to Arab News , the treatment of the 70 men and women transported, together with 17 escorts, will be carried out under the supervision of the center’s office in Aden

The injured were seen off in the presence of the Yemeni Minister of Interior Hussein Arab, Mayor of Taiz, Ali Al-Mamari, representatives from the health office in Taiz and Aden and a number of Yemeni officials

The director of Health and Environmental Directorate at the center, Suleiman Al-Shree said as an extension of the center’s programs that are offered to the health sector in Yemen, the center transported the 70 injured people to Mori Medical City in Sudan because they could not be offered treatment for their ailments in Yemen

The center pays for their treatment and transportation from Yemen and back, at the end of the treatment program, as part of the joint Sudanese Red Crescent and Higher Aid Committee, represented by the Yemeni Public Health and Population Ministry

The center has contracts with some private hospitals in Aden and Taiz to treat injured Yemenis and support government health facilities in Yemen by supplying them with medical staff in various fields

It also provides medical equipment and medication to injured people in all Yemeni governorates, in addition to offering treatment for Yemenis in hospitals affiliated with the Health Ministry at the southern border and providing them with adequate medical care