Houthi militias looted the funds of a charity association teaches the Holy Quran in Yemen's Sana'a‏

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Houthi and Saleh militias looted the funds of a charity association teaches the Holy Quran , which was deposited in a private bank in Sana'a through a coup board of the association that was formed by the militia .

Informed sources noted that the militias formed a new board affiliated to them, in a violation of the previous board of the Association, which has not ended its period as the regulations of the organizations stipulates that the board of the association continued its work for a period of four years.

The sources pointed out that the board formed by the coupist militia is the one who withdrew the charity's funds from all the banks in order to legalise the looting done by the militias , ignoring the fact that the administrative council formed by the militias originally is illegal.

The Holy Quran Association , which was subjected to this looting, its temporary headquarters in Seteen Street was also stormed by the Houthi militia for almost three months.

The looting, incursions and violations of all charitable and humanitarian organizations operating in the capital have continued. The impact of the closure reflected negatively on the needy, the poor, the sick and the orphans as the deteriorating economic situation has exacerbated since the coup of the Houthi militias on state institutions and its control by force of arms to the capital and most of the provinces in 2014