Britain encircles 25 arms of the Muslim Brotherhood

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The British government is campaigning against 25 organizations and a charity that it says is affiliated with the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood and the preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi plays a prominent role in their administration.

The disclosure of a complex network of organizations run by the organization came in the context of the investigation, which was the former British ambassador to Saudi Arabia John Jenkins was charged with doing it on the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood and their relationship with militant organizations.

The results of the investigation were delayed as a result of a debate within the British government about the announcement of Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

"When you navigate through the details of names, addresses and links, there is no way to accept the rejection of the charge of violence of the Muslim Brotherhood," a security official in British counterterrorism agencies said.

The British newspaper The Sunday Telegraph said the report would refute the Brotherhood's claims that there was no connection between them and the Takfiri and militant groups operating in the Middle East.

But it said at the same time that the Muslim Brotherhood would not be declared a terrorist organization despite its recognition that it is a complex organization and that its activities are multifaceted.

The report, which is expected to its summary to be published soon, said the Brotherhood has close links to violent activities in the region, while official sources said Jenkins will seek deep investigations and legal action against some of the organizations associated with them.

Islamic associations have already faced actions in the past that included closing bank accounts and putting some of them under surveillance.

The network of Muslim Brotherhood organizations is concentrated in West Gate House, a suburb of Ealing, west of London. The building still houses the Cordoba Foundation, although British Prime Minister David Cameron has described it as a "political frontier for the organization."

Brotherhood offices also extend to the Crown House building, only half a mile from the building in Ealing.

The US administration has described a charity known as Interpal as a terrorist organization and accused it of establishing close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The organization's headquarters are located in the Binkal House building,in Old Ok and are seen in the West as the long-term charity arm of the organization, which Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have declared a terrorist organization.

The seventh floor at West Gate House also houses the Islamic Charitable Society Forum, an cover group of 10 associations accused of financing the Muslim Brotherhood.

Last December, those 10 organizations were excluded from the list of government subsidies to charitable institutions in Britain.

The Islamic Charitable Society Forum has six associations that are still part of the Coalition of Good, which the US administration has also declared a terrorist organization linked to Hamas funding.

Al-Qaradawi, who is based in the Qatari capital of Doha and is banned from entering British territory, is run the Coalition of Good , and Assam Mostafa a leader of Hamas movement is the Secretary General of the union beside being the director of the Interpal Association.

The Brotherhood's complex arms network is improving the organization's image in the West.

The activities of the organization are not limited to charitable work only, but also to politicians and public figures.

Leaders of the organization took part last November in the "Palestinian Friends' Secondary Dinner" hosted by the British Labor Party through the "Return" Palestinian Center that linked to Brotherhood .

Crown House has a center called the Emirates Center for Human Rights and is run by Anas al-Tikriti with the help of his wife. The building also houses the Middle East Monitor, a website that promotes militant groups in the Middle East and is run by Dawood Abdullah, a leader of the UK Muslim Initiative , affiliated to Brotherhood .