Asiri: Trump realizes the risk of Tehran on the region

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Major General Ahmed Aisri , the Saudi defense minister adviser, said on Friday that US President Donald Trump's administration is aware of the risk of Tehran on the region

"The visions of Saudi Arabia and the US side were identical with regard to the position from the Iranian regime,"Asiri said adding that it works to "destabilize the region by supporting terrorist militias, as well as through suspicious relations with terrorist and extremist organizations such as Qaeda and Daesh

Asiri explained ,in a phone call to the Saudi channel, "El-Ekhbaria " on Friday evening,that the Defense Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his US counterpart James Mattis decided to work together to restore stability to the region from the strategic relations between the two countries over eighty years, and depending also on the pivotal and important role played by the Kingdom in the Arab and Islamic worlds

" The two sides discussed the importance of the defensive coordination between the Saudi Arabia and the United States in addition to the the decision of forming working teams to achieve the required work in the files that interest to the both sides that reflected directly on the stability of the Middle East," Asiri added