The most important provinces and cities of Yemen supported by the UAE

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Number of the Yemeni provinces have benefited from the Emirati aid since the Houthi and Saleh militias were expelled from them 
Following the liberalization of number of the southern provinces the first concern of the United Arab Emirates was to restore the normal life in them by providing a variety of aid to the population

The provinces of Aden, Lahij, Abyan, Shabwa, Dali, Socotra archipelago, and Hadramout took the largest share of that aid

The aid included providing power stations , renovate schools, dig wells, and restart the work in some hospitals , in addition to providing large quantities of medicine and medical supplies, over all tens of thousands of food parcels

UAE's aid, which is provided through the Emirates Red Crescent (ERC ) wasn't limited to major cities in the target provinces,it also reached the villages and remote mountainous areas, such as Mahvd District in Abyan and other areas in the nearby province of Shabwa

According to the ERC's information hundreds of thousands of citizens have benefited from the various aid provided by the UAE since late 2015 to the present day

The city of Mokha was the last Yemeni liberated cities that the UAE's aid reached in , as the Red Crescent sent convoys of food trucks and medical supplies and food parcels for the citizens in the city and for the displaced people beyond it during the process of "Golden Spear"