UNICEF: 7,700 dead in Yemen since the beginning of the war including 1500 children‏

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The UN children's agency UNICEF said that nearly 7,700 people, including at least 1,564 children have been killed in the conflict in Yemen since March 2015

About 2,450 others maimed in Yemen including 1,801 boys and 649 girls while 1,572 boys were recruited to serve as child soldiers, said UNICEF

The agency also confirmed that it monitored 212 attacks on schools and 95 on hospitals in the same period

The conflict has raged between the Yemeni army and the national resistance against the Houthi militias and forces of ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh, after the Houthis coup against legitimacy and the seizure of the capital Sanaa in September 2014

The Ministry of Human Rights in Yemen legitimate government announced on Monday evening, killing and wounding 38 thousand civilians at the hands of al-Houthi group and forces loyal to the ousted President