Iran to destroy the Yemeni civil society by sending narcotics to Houthis‏

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By supporting terrorist groups, and fueling insecurity in the region, Iranian regime has been exporting death and destruction to neighboring countries, since the 1979 revolution, up to very this day, according to the official Saudi news agency (SPA)

This phenomenon is being repeated in Yemen, and through providing strategic, military support for the Houthi terrorists, Iranian regime has aggravated this country’s crises by smuggling arms and goods to Yemen using front companies. In this regard, various local sources have reported that Houthi terrorists have imported a large consignment of narcotics from Iran, into the country under the pretext of medical aid

This shipment has reached Sanaa and stored in warehouses of various Houthi-associated merchants, the sources added

Naturally, the objective in sending these narcotics to Yemen is to destroy the Yemeni civil society and encourage drug addiction across the country. This also provides means for the Houthis and former president Ali Abdullah Salah to gain revenue through selling these drugs

SPA , according to National Council of Resistance of Iran , further reported that 7,000 Yemeni students are being trained in Iran. They are undergoing courses based on an extremist mentality, and this poses a grave threat for the country’s future

Iran is also providing the Houthis and Salah loyalists with its homemade mines. To this day many innocent Yemeni civilians have lost their lives to such mines