The Yemeni government accused UN coordinator in Yemen of siding with the rebels

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اليمن العربي

The Yemeni recognized government has accused the United Nation’s humanitarian coordinator, Jamie McGoldrick, of siding with the Houthi rebels and ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh, Al-Arabiya English reported .

According to the government, McGoldrick seems to be supporting the Houthi coup, which does not qualify him to represent the United Nation’s efforts towards achieving peace in Yemen.

While McGoldrick rejects such accusations, the Yemeni government has said that the envoy managed to visit the besieged city of Taiz only once since he started his mission in the country.

McGoldrick similarly failed to visit the government’s temporary capital of Aden at a time when the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders are both functioning in the city.

The coordinator is in contact with a number of institutions that are controlled by Houthi rebels, including the ministry of education, the government adds.