The number of the Kuwaiti sorties in Yemen

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Around 3,000 sorties have been conducted by 12 Kuwaiti fighter jets as part of the Arab Coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen, Commander of the Kuwaiti Air Force Major General Abdullah Al Foudari has said, according to Gulf News

The sorties were in addition to other operations by the fighter jets that included manoeuvring, air refuelling, positioning and communication, he added

“These are great achievements for the Kuwaiti pilots and the Kuwaiti Air Force,” he said, quoted by Kuwaiti daily Al Rai on Saturday

The air force received the orders to participate within the Arab Coalition forces in Saudi Arabia and dispatched a squadron of fighter jets and Kuwaiti pilots to Saudi Arabia, Al Foudari said

In Taiz, the local authorities hosted a festival to celebrate Kuwait’s National Day and Liberation Day

The Kuwait Red Crescent and other associations were congratulated by the authorities who expressed their gratitude for the support they have been providing for Taiz and Yemen in general, local reports said

Support from Gulf states has been crucial for Yemenis suffering from Al Houthi-imposed sieges