Yemen's Saada Governor: Army heading towards Kitaf and more than 25 dead from the leaders of al-Houthi

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More than 25 Houthi leader were killed in the clashes that occurred in Albuqa and Alaab between the national army and the coup militias during the last two days , Saada governor , Hadi Tarshan , said

He said in a statement to Okaz that the Yemeni Army took control of the regions of Attvin and Ber salami and the nearest villages and areas adding the the army  is now 40 kilometers from Kitaf District and it locked in fierce battles on the link line between the Directorate-center and Alaab

He also pointed out that the army seized weapons stores , include thermal Iranian missiles and other Russian-made, adding that the militia paid dozens of its leaders to the front lines, what make a lot of dead among them