What did Twitter users say about #Yemen?‏

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For about two years  Yemen has been in a civil war between the Yemeni legitimate government represented in the President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi , and supported by the Arab coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia and on the other hand there are Houthi rebels and Saleh forces backed by Iran.

This war has several results that affected every thing in Yemen - water , electricity , infrastructure , economy, health and even the people situations .

Users on twitter launched hashtag #Yemen to express the situation and deliver their message and their voice to the whole world.

Sarah talked about the progress of the Arab coalition forces and its effect on the Yemeni economy and said " Operations of freeing Yemeni cities from the grip of #Houthis improved the economy and redacted inflation rates."

Another user called Paula Rutledge mention the Saudi efforts to alleviate the suffer of the Yemeni people and said " King Salman Centre provided Yemen's Aden with 40 medical devices "

Saif Saleh Al-Oliby shared a photo wrote on it why did you kill my family and said " as they try to build #Peace , #Yemen #Children are asking the entire world !!!! who can answer this Q? or it seems to be a difficult Q?"

❌Rora72 ❌#SaveYemen said "Yemen cancer patients struggle to survive war shortages"