Houthi militias committed an additional humanitarian crime against Yemenis‏

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Yemen’s Cabinet confirmed on Tuesday that it detected threats by Houthis against whoever cooperates with the legitimate government to facilitate paying salaries for employees working in areas that fall under their control

Press Secretary of Prime Minister Ghamdan al-Sharif told Asharq Al-Awsat that Houthi militias imposed sanctions to prevent the submittal of payrolls and data to the government

Sharif noted that paying salaries for employees working in areas under the control of the insurgents was done due to the cooperation of many benevolent people working in government institutions and rejecting the continuation of their suffering
He said that these people provided competent authorities in the legitimate government with payrolls approved before the coup and codified in the official records as they were before 2014

He continued: “Houthi insurgents approved severe penalties against those who cooperated with the legitimate government and contributed to ending the suffering of employees when they received their salaries,” describing these sanctions as an additional humanitarian crime committed by Houthis
Sharif stressed the legitimate government’s pledge not to allow the continuation of the sufferings inflicted by the militia, underscoring the Yemenis’ non acceptance for this coup and will to help the legitimate government