(SEMC) calls for an urgent and independent investigation into the death of journalist Mohammed Al-Absi‏

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The Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC) has called for an urgent and independent investigation into the death of journalist Mohammed Al-Absi, and for representatives from the Yemeni Journalists' Syndicate as well as the international Federation of Journalists to be engaged in all phases of the inquiry.

The Center voiced surprise at the procrastination on the prosecution of the case despite the forensic report and laboratory exam results indicating that Absi suffocated after inhaling Carbon monoxide, which raises questions over who killed Alabsi and how.

While the Center appreciates greatly the efforts exerted by the Syndicate's team and some rights groups following up the case, we demand further efforts to reveal the identity of the culprits in such a way that  ensures  the case won't sink into oblivion   as was the case with the assassinations of many journalists and rights activists.

The Center appealed to all journalists, rights activists and concerned international organization to step in and follow upon, and advocate for Al-Absi's case if justice to be done to Yemeni journalists in general and his family in particular.

The Center affirms its support to the demands of Mrs. Irina Bokova, the Director General of UNICEF, to conduct aa independent investigation into the case.

On Tuesday, Dec.20, 2016, Absi passed away under mysterious circumstances, raising suspicions over the reasons behind his death, especially as he was working on major corruption issues involving oil scams and power abuse, among other things.

Yemeni journalists are facing major challenges,  with 19 media professionals jailed in Houthi prisons, and another one held by Al-Qaeda group

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