Saudi Arabia: Houthis attempt to target civilians‏

The Saudi-led coalition in Yemen intercepted two explosives-laden drones launched from Houthi-controlled areas towards Saudi Arabia, state media reported on Tuesday.


One drone was intercepted in Yemeni airspace, while the second was brought down before it reached its target at a civilian area in Jizan governorate, Saudi Arabia, said the coalition.


"The [Houthi] militia's hostile attempts to target civilians and civilian objects continue," coalition spokesman Colonel Turki Al Malki said.


"We are taking the necessary operational measures to protect civilians," he said.


Recently, attacks from Yemen's Houthi rebels against Saudi Arabia have intensified, and increasingly targeted civilian infrastructure, The National said.


Last week, Saudi Arabia offered a political initiative to end the seven-year conflict in Yemen.


Saudi authorities proposed a national ceasefire, renewed humanitarian measures and inter-Yemeni talks.


But so far, the Houthis have refused the offer.


Tuesday's attempted drone attacks show the Yemeni rebel group are continuing their offensive against Saudi Arabia.


The Houthis and the internationally recognised government have been locked in a power struggle since 2014, when the Iran-backed militias overran the capital, Sanaa.


Saudi Arabia has led a coalition in support of the Yemeni government since 2015.