Turkish Minister of Defense visit to Doha reveals Qatari continuous conspiracy and treachery‏

Qatar continues to conspir and on the path of treachery, as the three axis of evil , the defense ministers of Qatar, Khalid bin Muhammad Al-Attiyah, and the Turkish Defense Minister, Khulusi Aker, and the Minister of Interior of the Fayez al-Sarraj government, Fathi Pashaga, meet in Ankara to discuss developments of the military situation and the movements of their militias in Liby.


In a statement, the Turkish Ministry of Defense stated that Aker hosted Al-Attiyah at its headquarters after a meeting on Monday with the Minister of the Interior of the Libyan Alwefaq Government, Fathi Pashaga, and the Minister of Interior of Malta, Boiron Kamilary.


This meeting comes only a day after the visit of the Turkish Minister of Defense to Qatar, and the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad, met yesterday, Turkish Minister of Defense, Khulusi Akar, in Doha, and the meeting came two weeks after a previous visit was a few days to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on all foreign actors to end their growing interference in Libya and to comply fully with the United Nations Security Council arms embargo.


A joint statement of the three leaders, distributed by the German Embassy in Cairo, said: "We make our own contributions and work to make the European Union (Ireni) process fully effective, to prevent escalation there." Adding: "We are ready to consider possible sanctions if the violations of the embargo persist at sea, on land or in the air. "


The three countries expressed their aspiration for the proposals that the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and the Vice-President will submit to the Commission ..adding "Views were exchanged on the situation in Libya on the margins of the European Council in Brussels . We stress the strong concern about the growing military tensions in the country and increasing the risk of escalation in the region. "


The statement called on all Libyan parties, as well as their foreign supporters, to immediately stop hostilities and military reinforcement throughout the country, stressing support for the United Nations efforts to reach an agreement on a sustainable and solid ceasefire through negotiations within the 5 + 5 committee.


Turkey continues to implement its colonial scheme in Libya, striking a wall with all international and regional warnings to stop its interference in internal Libyan affairs that undermine the security and stability of the entire region.


In his latest statement, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Aker reiterated his country’s efforts to control Libya’s capabilities, saying during a visit to Libya: “We will not setback from our position,” as the Turkish Minister of Defense visited the warship “TCG Giresun” off the Libyan coast and met his country's soldiers in Libya.


The daily statements of Turkish officials demonstrate how the Libyan Al-Wefaq government turned into a "puppet" in the hands of decision-makers in Ankara, where the Ottomans' descendants mistakenly believed that Libya became the Turkish province No. 82, and it turned into the controller in all matters of the country, turning "Al-Wefaq" of course to a tool and a fool lost the respect of a friend before the enemy.


The statements of the Turkish Defense Minister, Khulusi Akar, during his visit to Libya, highlighted the interference in the Libyan affairs, where he asserted his control over the management of the country, through provocative statements that demonstrated the truth of its blatant interference in Libya, which is not hidden to all those who follow the Libyan affair, which is the acquisition on the bounties of Libya and its oil.