Observers reveal what is behind the visit of Turkish Defense Minister to Qatar‏

Observers commented on the Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar visit to Qatar, as they said that perhaps Turkey is trying to use mercenaries of other nationalities in Libya, and the Erdogan's Minister visit is related to this issue because Doha has long been a base for training Somalis, and a starting point for distributing these militants across the conflict areas in the Middle East .


During the last seven months, since the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, announced the military intervention in Libya, his country transferred thousands from Syrian  mercenaries to Tripoli to support Saraj militias in their fighting against the National Army.   


A report published last August revealed that a number of Somali intelligence officers were receiving training in Doha, in what some considered a Qatari interference in the security services of the Horn of Africa countries to exploit them in the Qatari spheres of ingluence and impact in different regions in Africa and the Middle East.


A Libyan source told Libya Review, that Turkey is now considering other options, which may include sending a number of Somali officers to support the Saraj government.


The site pointed out that the talk of a new Turkish approach regarding its mercenaries in Libya does not depend entirely on the Pentagon report, but it also comes after a few days of violent clashes in the region carried out by the Syrian mercenaries.


By supporting the illegitimate government of Alwefaq with arms and mercenaries, Turkey is deliberately escalating the situation in Libya despite calls and international initiatives calling for a solution to the crisis.


Turkey is trying to gain access to Libyan oil and gas sources to plunder the country's wealth, as it has done in northern Syria in cooperation with the ISIS terrorist organization.