Houthi arms smuggling network eliminated‏

An arms smuggling network operated by the Iran-backed Houthi militias in Yemen was busted by the legitimate Yemeni army and tribal fighters, military sources in the eastern Marib province said.



The ring was eliminated after clashes in the al-Wadi region north of Marib. Eight members of the cell, including its leader, were killed.


The sources said the ring was based in the al-Khasha region and headed by a man identified as Mohsen Sbeian. It used to smuggle weapons to the Houthis from Yemen’s southern coasts to areas controlled by the militias in Saada, Sanaa and others.



The ring smuggled ballistic missile and drone parts and other military equipment. Such equipment was discovered during the raid. Asharq Al-Awsat quoted a security source saying that the forces also discovered weapons, explosives and ammunition.



The majority of the cell members killed in the clash hailed from Saada, the Houthi stronghold. Two soldiers were killed in the operation.


Besides smuggling, the military sources accused the cell of planting mines and explosives on the roads used by the legitimate forces, the daily added.