UN warns Turkey against the use of mercenaries in Libya‏

The United Nations warns against the use of mercenaries in Libya.


International experts confirm Turkey's involvement in the recruitment of fighters and transporting them from Syria to Libya to support the Al Wefaq government .


According to the experts the fighters were recruited from the Syrian armed factions that accused of human rights violations.


Thousands of Syrians were transferred, including children under the age of The 18-year-old, through Turkey.


 The United Nations also warns dependence on foreign active players in Liby, noting that the use of mercenaries will escalate the conflict in Libya, and will also undermine the prospects of reaching a political solution in Libya


The international experts added that will lead to tragic repercussions for the Libyan people.


It is a violation of the arms and mercenary arms ban imposed by the Security Council and a violation of the International agreement on the Use of Mercenaries signed by Libya.


Another worrisome matter is using the mercenaries in light of the spread of an epidemic Covid 19 as this endangers the security of the Libyan people who is not prepared to fight this epidemic.