Coalition air strike in Saada was "legitimate", statement says‏

The Saudi-led Arab coalition denied accusations from Houthi rebels that one of its airstrikes killed civilians in northern Yemen.


Video of the raid launched by the Saudi-led Arab coalition refuted claims by the Iran-backed Houthi militias, international media and relief agencies about the death of “13 civilians, including women and children” during an operation in Yemen’s Saada, the Houthi stronghold.


The video showed a group of armed Houthis during an operation to transport and distribute military supplies near the Shada district in Saada, near the Saudi border.


In a statement, the Arab coalition said the vehicle was carrying armed Houthi combatants and that the air strike was "legitimate".


The video raises questions over dozens of other operations, exploited by the Houthis in the media. The coalition has accused them of attempting to cover up the killing of their members with false claims about the death “civilians, women and children.”


The Houthis have upped their firing of drones and ballistic missiles against Saudi Arabia in recent days. All launches have been intercepted.