KSRelief continues humanitarian projects in Yemen‏

The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) is carrying out several projects to provide relief to Yemenis during the holy month of Ramadan.


The center distributed food aid among 827 displaced families from Al-Jawf to Marib governorates in Yemen.


It distributed 3,125 cartons of dates among displaced people from Sanaa to Marib.


The center also distributed 200 tents, 800 blankets and 400 rugs to the victims of torrential rains in Marib, adding to this it also distributed 2,000 cartons of dates in the Al-Mukalla directorate in Hadramout.


The center is also carrying out a number of projects in different governorates across Yemen to protect orphans. As part of the project, orphans are provided with health care facilities.


KSRelief provides urgent treatment for wounded and injured Yemenis in their country, and those for whom treatment is not possible in Yemen are transferred to Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region.


The center, according to Arab News, has implemented health projects in Taiz, including support for Al-Thawra Hospital, which the center has provided with equipment, supplies and medicines. The first phase of support to the hospital’s orthopedic department alone amounted to $3.15 million.


KSRelief has delivered 453 projects worth $3 billion across Yemen, working alongside 80 partners, including 204 initiatives in the health sector, 79 in food security, 27 involving environmental sanitation, and 26 in the support and coordination of humanitarian operations.


The center also continued distribution of food items for the 10th consecutive day in Pakistan’s Punjab province. It distributed 1,606 food baskets benefiting 9,636 people.