Yemeni army declares control of sites in Al-Jawf‏

Yemeni Gov't forces announced controlling of several military sites in the Al-Yatimah area, north of Al-Jawf province, where fierce battles against Houthi militias have been taking place over the past two months.

According to Al-Mawqea Post, Houthi positions in the Al-Wajaf front were attacked by Yemeni army forces, referred to as the National Army, and managed to advance and seize a number of the sites that were under the control of the Houthis. The source said that the army seized three military crews and captured 15 Houthi fighters, including a leader.

This comes one day after Yemeni armed forces stated that all of the province had been liberated with the exception of the Khab Washaaf disctrict (where the Al-Yatimah village is located) and the desert outskirts of the provincial capital Al-Hazm, which fell to the Houthis earlier in the month.