Malki rejects rumors of rift with STC in Aden‏

Arab Coalition Spokesman Turki al-Malki, on 13 July, 2015 made an honorable mention of the sacrifices made by the people of Aden against Houthi hostilities and aggression.


This was recalled by Malki in an interview with Al-Arabiya about the recent rumors circulated on a rift between the Arab Coalition and the Southern Transitional Council (STC).


All the rumors about a rift are entirely baseless, Malki confirmed, adding that some biased media campaigns have released false information on the situation in Aden.


Malki said that many goals of the Riyadh Agreement had been achieved, contributing to normalizing the life in Aden in southern Yemen.


We're actively seeking to resume projects and investments for the reconstruction of Aden, rehabilitation of its airport, and development of its port,” Malki noted.


He also made it clear that the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement has entered the second phase, adding that the Arab Coalition forces endeavor to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way.


We know that there are demands, whether they are made by the STC or the legitimate Yemeni government. The leadership of the joint forces and the leadership of the Coalition forces in Aden are working to overcome all difficulties standing before the Riyadh agreement,” Malki said.



He further confirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which leads the Arab Coalition, shares political relations with STC leaders based on respect and appreciation.


Rumors are being instigated by those who would benefit from creating a rift between the Arab Coalition and the STC, he affirmed.


There are figures who have lost their interests and are trying to find differences or suggest to Yemenis in Aden that there is an unstable relationship between the Coalition and the STC, and this is not true.”