UAE: Yemen deal is appreciated political achievement by Saudi Arabia‏


UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Gargash hails Yemen deal saying" A peace accord, signed last week by Yemen’s internationally recognised government and the Southern Transitional Council (STC), is an appreciated political achievement by Saudi Arabia".


It unifies ranks, consolidates hope and emphasizes the importance of wise diplomacy,” Gargash tweeted.


On Tuesday, the Saudi-brokered pact, formally dubbed the “Riyadh Agreement”, was sealed in the Saudi capital, ending a feud between the Yemeni government and the STC.


The deal includes forming a 24-strong government equally composed from Yemen’s southern and northern provinces. It also provides for the return of the government to the interim capital in Yemen’s southern city of Aden, which the pro-STC forces seized from the government troops in August.


Benevolent Saudi efforts engineered this agreement in an appreciated political achievement,” Dr Gargash said.


He, meanwhile, lashed out at the Qatari media for its constant criticism of Saudi Arabia, which is locked in a bitter row with Doha.


Isn’t it high time for Doha to resort to calmness and wisdom to solve its crisis with its neighbours and sisterly Egypt? There is a vast difference between the positive Saudi act and the negative Qatari fault-finding approach,” Dr Gargash added.