Six citizens killed in Houthi weapons store explosion‏

At least six citizens were killed and several others injured on Monday when an explosion rocked a weapons store in the Houthi-controlled Red Sea port city of Hodeidah.

"A huge explosion rocked an abandoned plastic factory used by Houthis to store weapons in Zafran area in downtown Hodeidah, " military source said on condition of anonymity .

Several houses located nearby were badly affected by the weapons warehouse explosion that occurred in a densely populated area in Hodeidah, the source added.

The military source also said "an unknown number of casualties were caused among the Houthi fighters who were present around the blast site."

A government source accused the Houthi group of storing weapons in densely populated areas of Hodeidah in addition to establishing factories for manufacturing explosives there.

Hodeidah is the main Yemeni port city on the Red Sea and key entry of most Yemen's commercial imports and humanitarian aid.

Yemen has been locked into a civil war since late 2014. In 2015 the Saudi-led Arab coalition entered the country to support the Yemeni legitimate government headed by President Abed Rabbo Mansor Hadi.