Gargash talks about Emirati-Saudi partnership in Yemen


UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Anwar Gargash, said that the Emirati-Saudi partnership in Yemen is solid, and the coordination and cooperation goes beyond the crisis to encompass a comprehensive common vision that pillars of security , stability and prosperity

In a tweet for him on Twitter , quoted by Alyaman Alaraby , Gargash said that " The strength of the Arab Coalition forces in Yemen is firm"

"Fishing in troubled waters is the direction of the failure when he sees the Coalition move at this crucial stage, the insurgency afraid fragility, and the echo of his media will not save him," he continued

"The more the grip increased on the insurgency and its supply's lines in Yemen, we heard theories and delirium of the failure and the hateful .The Arab coalition is unified despite anyone 

He continued, saying, "Needless to say that the difficult and complex circumstances in the region necessitate the existence of a solid and professional military institution such as the Emirati armed force , the home shield and its sharp sword